The Mantelscaping Trend: What is it and How Can I Join In?

This article has been updated on 9 January 2024

Have you heard of the tablescaping trend? The bathscaping trend? Well, now the mantelscaping trend is sweeping through homes, bringing a new dimension to decorating your console table or mantle!

During the extended periods indoors, many have turned to spring cleaning and interior revamping. What better way to enhance our living spaces than embracing the mantelscaping trend?

What is the Mantelscaping Trend?

Put simply, mantelscaping is the new interior design trend where people are decorating their mantle with their treasured items and aesthetic decorations. Just in case you’re unsure, the mantle is the space above the fireplace and it is the perfect stage for your gems similar to a console table.

Why is it a Trend Now?

Lockdown has sparked a surge in interior design creativity. Displaying favourite items on the mantle not only revives your home’s fashion but also uplifts your mood. As spring heralds a time for renewal, mantelscaping offers the perfect project to rejuvenate your living space and share your stylish flair on social media.

Another reason why the mantelscaping trend has emerged could also be due to last year’s ‘maximalism’ trend where trinkets and cute clutter were all the rage. Dressing up the fireplace or console table is just taking this trend further. Your bare mantle obviously needs to be dressed up in some much-needed decorations to make your house far more aesthetically pleasing.

There’s another reason? Definitely! Not only can mantelscaping make your place look amazing, but the act of arranging your decorations and favorite items can be rather meditative. Spending some time to think about what will look good and what you should include in your mantlescaping display can distract even the busiest mind for a little while.

How to Try the Trend

So you have finished spring-cleaning, but now you want in on this trend, that’s great! If you don’t have a mantle, then fear not, because people also use console tables, shelves, sideboards and pretty much anything that is against the wall. You need to collect up some beautiful things to decorate with first and perhaps you can look for inspiration on Instagram or Pinterest?

Things to use for Mantelscaping

Mantelscaping Examples


Maybe a softly lit lamp for your mantel? Or cute fairy lights draped over the console table? Wherever you’re decorating for the mantelscaping trend, nice lighting is the perfect start to making it look fabulous, especially in the evening.


Showing off your collection of books could be a great way to decorate your mantle as well, especially if you have some trendy bookends to use!


Whether it is jarred candles or slim candles in candleholders, it is bound to look beautiful. You could have a selection of mismatched candles for that shabby chic look, or have matching candles for a more put together theme – and don’t forget a matching candle snuffer.


Following on from candles, you could also include an aesthetically pleasing box of matches to light them up, nice and practical! Try propping it up against the candle and you could slide them open a little to show the coloured tips.


The most obvious accessory for a mantle or console table and that’s for a reason! Flowers are the perfect spring accessory to display for your mantle, bringing a pop of colour and making your home smell divine.


Talking of flowers, we need to talk about a vase! You don’t even need flowers in the vase to pick a beautiful one to showcase on your mantle because there are some beautiful ones to choose from out there.


Whether this is a cherished framed image of your family or a beautiful work of art, it is sure to make your mantle fit in with the newest trend of 2021. Get a frame matching the decor of the room and you’re set.


If pictures or art isn’t your thing, perhaps a nice mirror would look good? It also has the added benefit of being practical for when you take a glance at yourself before leaving the house as lockdown is slowly lifted.

Decorative cups

Did they say cups? Yes! There are beautiful china cups, or modern ones if that’s your cup of tea (pun intended). They can be used as trinket bowls for you to put your keys in, another practical accessory for the mantelscaping trend. Perhaps you don’t have any teacups, are you exclusively a coffee drinker? You can also use a pot, fruit bowl or purpose built trinket holders.

Integrating Practical yet Less Aesthetic Items into Mantelscaping

While mantelscaping focuses on enhancing the beauty of your space, it’s also important to consider how to incorporate necessary but less visually appealing items. This includes objects like thermostats, radiators, and perhaps less attractive yet essential tech gadgets or utility boxes.

The art of mantelscaping lies in blending these items seamlessly with your decor. For instance, a heating thermostat can be subtly framed with decorative elements that draw attention away from its utilitarian appearance. Similarly, radiators can be masked with a smart radiator cover that complements your mantelscape theme, or by strategically placing taller decorative items like vases or plants in front.

Tech gadgets can be camouflaged with covers that match your room’s aesthetic or hidden behind more attractive items on your mantle. Utility boxes can be covered with a small artwork or a decorative panel that can be easily moved when access is needed.

Remember, the goal is not to completely hide these items but to integrate them into your design in a way that they don’t detract from the overall aesthetic of the room. With a bit of creativity, even the most mundane objects can be part of your beautiful mantelscape.

So after all this reading, you’re set to have the most trendiest interior after following the mantelscaping trend, go ahead and get started!

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