Mirrored Coffee Table – Luxury in the Living Room

It’s the room where we relax, spend time with friends and family and showcase our individuality. A shimmering mirrored coffee table with crafted and beveled edges beautifully catches the light and adds sparkle and glamour to an otherwise understated living space. Mirrored coffee tables work wonderfully when they’re used as a central design feature in combination with existing furniture, adding extra life and vitality to surroundings. Choosing the design and shape of your mirrored coffee table will create the look that suits your style and perfectly completes your dazzling look.

Make a statement in your Living Room

Mirrored coffee tables can add the impression of extra light and space. Glass coffee tables also reflect colours incorporated elsewhere in your living room like the patterns on favourite cushions and colours in paintings.

Adding shine and glamour to your living space, that captures both the eye and the emotion of the room, is within easy reach. With the mirrored New York and Charleston ranges available, specifically chosen by us, from around the world, for their unique designs here at Interiors For You.

Mirrored coffee table, luxury in the living room

Mirrored Coffee Tables Range available at Interiors For You

  • The Charleston mirrored coffee table – Practical and beautiful this coffee table also lifts up on a special mechanism to create twice the space for creative past times or to provide stylish extra space and the wow factor for when guests arrive.
  • The New York Range – Beautifully bordered edges and a stunning mirrored top in an oval shape, fashion curved lines which bend and shape the light. The mirrored legs add to the art deco feel and style of this elegant centrepiece.

Interior Design Trends

There are some perfect interior design trends you can adapt and make your own to create a truly inspiring statement piece at the heart of your lounge or living room. Mirrored coffee tables add an extra dimension into interior design and offer the chance to add an exceptional focal point that you can turn to for future inspiration.

Mirrored coffee table
  • Display favourite art books, both modern and contemporary, that you will want to look at time and time again
  • Fresh flower displays lend splashes of colour and deliver gorgeous memory making scents
  • The changing seasons and festive times of the year allow an opportunity to display the perfect seasonal time series
  • Add ambience in evening times by using warm coloured bulbs in lamps around the room. These will delight with sweeping contrasts in the patterns of light
  • Combination decoration using the rule of three is always aesthetically pleasing. Taller ornamental pieces make a lovely contrast to books and magazines underneath a beautiful plant container

Stylist Tip: There are some perfect interior design trends you can adapt and make your own to create a truly inspiring statement piece.

Using any of these ideas will cement the reasons for wanting a mirrored coffee table in your living room. You can even further compliment this on-trend style by adding some other carefully selected mirrored pieces around your living room. Lamps, mirrored picture frames and console tables, carefully placed in stylised locations, are a match made in glittering heaven. Our choices in style are selected so that you can be truly individual in your home.

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