Mirror furniture – which one to choose?

Do you appreciate a unique, elegant and bright design? Do you like it when the furniture is not only functional but also a real interior decoration? If so, mirror furniture is the perfect choice for your home! The question is which one you should choose?
mirror furniture living room

Which mirror furniture should I choose?

Mirror furniture reflect light and therefore illuminate a room and make it seem more spacious. Here are some examples of mirrored furniture pieces that can be arranged in your home to perfectly complement the interior design.

Mirrored console table in the hallway

The consoles are an integral element of the New York classic style design. A mirrored console table will make even the smallest hallway seem more spacious. Your guests will be welcomed by elegance and chic when they step into your home. Such a console is also a great place to store personal items that are usually stored by the entrance, such as house keys. Choose a console table with a drawer to avoid the clutter or if your console table does not have one, place your trinkets in a decorative storage box on the table top. This way you can arrange them with a lap or flower vase making yet another improvement to your home decor.

mirror console table hallway

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Mirrored chest of drawers in the living room or bedroom

Chest of drawers is very useful, especially in the living room as well as in the bedroom. Imagine it with a lovely fragrant bouquet of fresh flowers on top of it. Other favourite design choices to combine with a mirrored chest of drawers are a book, lamp that additionally illuminates the interior or a decorative accessory. Mirror furniture in the living room will complete your home, adding a unique character to the interior design allowing you to store the necessary items (like dining sets or linen) with a chic style.

mirrored chest of drawers living room

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Mirrored dressing table in the bedroom

A fashionable yet functional piece of mirror furniture in the bedroom is a dressing table. It is a chic accessory that will keep your makeup products tidy and provide comfort during daily care and getting ready for the night out. With a mirrored dressing table you can create a beautiful corner which will give your bedroom a glamorous style.

mirrorfurniture dressing table bedroom

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Mirrored desk in the office

If you want your work to be more than just a chore, make your work environment more friendly to the eye. Not only does the mirrored desk look great, but it can also easily accommodate documents or office accessories.

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