How to Style White Gloss Furniture

It’s November, and Christmas is nearing now! We believe it is never too soon to think about what to purchase for Christmas, whether it is to treat yourself or someone you love. Perhaps you want to change the decor of your home or add a little glamour? Well, forget the flat packed stuff, our brand new gloss white mirror furniture range in our shop could help this goal of a modern interior come true this Christmas!

Styling of White gloss furniture

High gloss furniture has stunning sleek lines. The understated style and elegance are the perfect touch to any room in need of some beautifying! You can get started on having a clean and contemporary style with furniture ranges reflecting the trend in our shop.

You can overhaul the tired-looking mismatched flat packed furniture you’ve had for years and inject your home with freshness in time for the new year with beautiful high gloss furniture. The difficulty could come in when deciding how to style the brand new furniture. Still, in this article, we will discuss how to achieve this dramatic and sophisticated look.

What is High Gloss Furniture?

High gloss furniture is considered a quality speciality finish in a room by most in the interior design world because of its luxurious polished, and smooth appearance. The mirror-like sheen is achieved with an application of a glossy finish over the furniture pieces. It is often associated with the minimalist trend, which you can read on our other blog post. The stark white stylish finish of gloss white mirror furniture makes a great base to decorate a room however you want if you are not keen on the minimalist design.

Would White Gloss Furniture Work in My Home?

Our brand new collection has several pieces that could look amazing in any given room. Let’s look at some elegant high gloss furniture that can create a sleek, clean look in your home.

White Gloss Side Table

High Gloss White Mirrored Side Table

This High Gloss White Mirrored Side Table would look great by the side of any soft furnishing, such as your sofa or bedside tables for your bedroom. You can decorate it with a simple plant or use it for functionality and place your drinks, a good book, or many other things! The modern design of bedside tables can bring a modern touch to your home.

S-Shaped White Gloss TV Stand

High Gloss White TV Stands

Our brand new collection holds both an s-shaped TV stand and a geometric block TV unit. The sleek S-Shaped High Gloss White TV Stand not only has a lovely high gloss white finish, but the unusual shape can bring intrigue to your decor while still being simple in design. It is simple to wipe down, and steel bars holding up the structure allows for a sturdy base to hold your TV.

The square High Gloss White Mirrored TV Media Unit also has the same properties as the s-shaped one. Still, it is more simple in design and has two cabinets if more items need to be stored in your living room. Both are contemporary and stunningly high gloss finish with tempered glass which will look good in any modern interior!

High Gloss White Mirrored TV Media Unit

High Gloss White Mirrored Chest of 6 Drawers

Having a minimalist interior design doesn’t mean you can’t have possessions, but keeping them tidied away is important, so having plenty of storage space (perhaps for your clothing) is essential. The glistening gloss white glass mirrored furniture is outlined with shining mirrors to break up the white colour. This High Gloss White Mirrored Chest of 6 Drawers is guaranteed to become the statement piece in your bedroom and be practical for your possessions such as clothing and accessories.

High Gloss White Mirrored Chest of 6 Drawers

High Gloss White Mirrored Console Table

Our High Gloss White Mirrored Console Table has two drawers below for more storage in your hallway, where you can put your essential items to grab on your way out of the house. This gloss white glass mirrored piece allows guests to see your contemporary interior design before even reaching a room in the house! Just like the side table, you can always decorate the console table with a statement vase of flowers, whether artificial or natural. Alternatively, perhaps put a mirror above the table or a piece of artwork.

High Gloss White Mirrored Console Table

High Gloss White Mirrored Coffee Table

Coffee tables could be the most used item in a living room. Our High Gloss White Mirrored Coffee Table feature silver steel lining the glossy finish, giving it a feeling of elegance and geometric design. Like the other pieces in our new collection, this includes two spacious drawers to hide away the necessary items you need but look cluttered when piled up. You can hide away some magazines, remote controls, and much more in the drawers while just displaying your tidy coasters for your morning coffee and a decorative ornament in the centre of the table.

High Gloss White Mirrored Coffee Table

Gloss White Bookshelf

This five-tierWhite High Gloss Book Shelf is an exciting feature that would be perfectly matched with the s-shaped TV unit that we also sell in our new collection! If you are a bookworm with no room to put your collection, this bookshelf is a dream come true! The glossy white shelves are simple to clean when the dust begins to settle, and the chrome bars holding up the unusual structure draws the eye so you can show off your lovely book collection. If you are not a book person, these shelves are also perfect for displaying ornaments and aesthetically-pleasing objects you have collected over the years.

Are There Any Other Ways to Highlight White Gloss Furniture?

If you want to up the stakes and go all out with the contemporary gloss white mirrored furniture and give your home that sophisticated look, there are ways to accentuate these features and bring your home together in cohesive harmony. Here are some ways to enhance your new furniture:

Walls and Ceilings

So you have your statement white high gloss furniture, and now you don’t know where to go from here. How can I match the furnishings to the rooms of my house? We can help you out. One way to start with is potentially upgrading the walls and ceilings in your home. A lick of paint can do wonders to brighten up and modernise a home, and there are now high gloss paints available that would match your furniture perfectly! The glossy finish can be applied to the walls and ceilings to intensify the shine, and you could even get a hold of some high gloss lacquer for a wet-look aesthetic. If this sounds too much for you, perhaps use it on the doors and panels of a room to accent the pieces.

white gloss sideboard


Continuing from the last point, colour is a great way to pull in the furniture to your home. Gloss white mirrored furniture can match with any colour on the spectrum. We love the recent trends of deep rich colours being used, such as emeralds, crimsons, and mustard yellows. Some even decide to go monochrome with black and white! However, a lighter, more subtle shade can be used if you don’t want too much dramatic flair, perhaps with pale blues and greens ready to go into spring next year. There is always a colourful feature wall that could give a room a different hue or try getting some colourful blinds, cushions or throws rugs as colour accessories in the room. We have even noticed that quality led lights are for everyday use now and not just for Christmas! Get some colourful ones for your home office.


You must consider the permanent elements of your room when thinking of interior design. Gloss white mirrored furniture is great for reflecting light, so if you have a nook in a room, you could draw attention to it by fitting a chest of drawers in there. A slanted ceiling can also make a room feel more cramped, so mirrored furnishings can make the space look bigger. A slanted ceiling or dining room may look cramped stuffed with loads of dining chairs, so mirrored furnishings can make it appear like there is ample space.

We hope we have helped you understand how gloss white furniture can upgrade and modernise your home for the new year. Buying from our latest collection could be a lovely Christmas present for a loved one thinking of redecorating in the new year, or for yourself!

Go to our shop to see the prices of our mirrored gloss white furniture range today!

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