How to style Mirrored Furniture?

Mirror furniture have been showing up in modern interior design arrangements more often recently. Styled appropriately, they give us a lot of arrangement possibilities, and when skilfully fitted within the interior, they can “stretch” it or give it a chic character. They look great in eclectic and glamorous rooms as well as in a loft.

how to style mirrored furniture

Mirrored chests of drawers, tables or coffee tables will work great in small or dark living rooms. They will introduce more light and create the illusion of a larger space. If we have a large surface – mirror furniture will additionally illuminate it. A big piece, like a table or a chest of drawers, should be placed as a dominant element within the room. Best not to add too many additional furniture pieces (for example wooden) to such an arrangement, as it can draw attention away from it.

Mirror furniture certainly introduces a bit of femininity into the interior and often emphasises the unique character of the room itself.

When placed opposite the window or close to a lamp, mirrored furniture gives the impression of depth which is a very handy solution when it comes to arranging smaller rooms. Using glass is probably one of the best ways to enlarge the interior.

styling choices for mirrored console

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You can use the potential of mirrored furniture in many rooms for different purposes. Small offices or hallways are suitable for mirrored consoles, desks or side tables. Mirrored bedside tables will do exceptionally well in a small bedroom. By reflecting the light coming in through the window, they can create an illusion of space and blend in with the background.

Remember not to use too many of mirrored furniture pieces together. One or two matching items in one room will be enough to increase the size of the interior visually without overpowering it with too many features.

Mirrored furniture – beautiful and eye-catching – in its presence, every interior will not only look bigger but more importantly, impressive and chic.

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