Easter Sale – mirrored furniture at reduced prices up to 45% off!

Easter is one of the UK’s biggest gift-giving seasons and a perfect time to go on a shopping spree. And we have great news for everyone looking for a bargain on mirrored furniture – we’ve launched a new sale on Interiors InVogue online store!

Easter sale - mirrored furniture

The Easter sale is now running until mid-April with fabulous discounts up to 45% off mirrored furniture: consoles, tv units, bedsides and some of our finest art pieces on wrapped canvas. Some of our products on offer are only around while stocks last, so don’t miss out.

FREE UK Mainland Shipping!

There’s no better place to find mirrored furniture at reduced prices than Interior’s InVogue online shop during Easter Sale. Browse all our deals in our Easter Sale.

Easter Sale - Mirrored furniture discounts

With our unique and patented designs, Interiors InVogue quickly became a staple amongst the most versatile Mirrored Furniture collections in the UK. Our mission is to support your vision of enhancing your interior design with stylish, eye-catching glass furniture pieces.

We believe that Mirrored Furniture has all the elements you need to make your efforts in getting the interior design of your home remarkable:

  • a truly timeless design that never gets bored
  • increased perception of the size of your rooms thanks to delicate mirror reflections
  • a unique combination of modern and antique styles
  • durable glass for lifetime durability
  • a silver-shade colour that brings a subtle depth to your rooms while perfectly blending with the rest of your home
  • and a classy shine that until now you could only see on the TV when marvelling at the Royal Mansions or celebrity-like interior designs

With the increasing availability of high-end materials, it is now possible to afford designer furniture. And you only have to invite your guests once to see their faces drop as you walk them to the living room dressed with these tasteful, high-class glass furniture.

We promise that Interiors InVogue’s mirrored products will not only look marvelous in your home, but they will also confidently hold the practical qualities that any solid furniture is required of.

All our mirrored furniture are hand-made, and our manufacturer use thick wood with all mirrored panels tempered and beveled so that you can keep them for years looking and functioning like new.

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