Dressing Table Stools for Christmas!

It’s Christmas time! The festivities are often accompanied by a long shopping list for family and friends, but we can help you with that because of our fantastic furniture ranges. In particular, we want to highlight our beautiful dressing table stools. Perhaps your friend is redecorating her room, or a loved one has recently moved house, or maybe you just want to treat yourself! Either way, a lovely dressing table stool is an excellent present for Christmas.

Dressing Table Stools: elegant christmas bedroom

A dressing table needs a stool for glamming yourself up for Christmas. If you select carefully, a dressing table stool adds style and elegance to your bedroom. There is also the added extra of some dressing table stools having secret storage places, making them highly practical.

Why Should I Get a Dressing Table Stool?

Dressing tables are not complete without an accompanying dressing table stool. These bedroom furniture sets are all about adding style and elegance to your bedroom, with the secret bonus of being highly practical.

You can make a feature of the vanity stool to perch yourself on while you get ready for the day! Whether you want a glamorous or simple style, contemporary or vintage, we can find you the perfect one to match your vanity table, and many of our stools have upholstered seats for your comfort too. Finding a dressing table stool to match your interior (or the receiver of a Christmas gift!) is simple with our collections because we have plenty to choose from to add that touch of class, have a browse!

Dressing Table Stools: family in bedroom

Are Dressing Table Stools Multipurpose?

Absolutely! There are many ways to utilise your dressing table stool if you just think a little outside the box. Here are some ideas for you to consider when thinking of buying yourself or someone else a dressing table stool:


With the comfortable cushioning on our upholstered range of dressing table stools, you can also use it as a lovely footstool to rest your tired feet after a long day. Due to this versatility, you can have the stool in your living space if you want!

An Extra Seat

Did you not realise how many guests would turn up for your New Year’s Eve party? Well, suppose you had a dressing table stool in your dressing room. In that case, it can be bought down and can easily double up as an extra seat for that one guest standing awkwardly in the corner without a place to perch. Again, the comfortable padded seat on the stool will make it just as comfortable as your sofa!

Dressing Table Stools: christmas meeting


Some dressing table stools also act as an ottoman for extra storage space. When you want to curate the perfect elegant space in your bedroom, having clutter thrown around the room takes that away. Still, a dressing table stool with secret storage allows you to put all of your miscellaneous items away out of view. Our unupholstered range of stools could even be useful in the bathroom kitchen areas!

Bed Bench

We have some stunning long benches for more prominent spaces in the home, which could be placed at the end of your bed. It’s a perfect seating space in your bedroom for when you and your girlfriends get ready for a night out! You can also hide your massive collection of shoes or bags in the storage beneath.

Dressing Table Stools: bed bench


With the stylish bench at the end of your bedroom, it really does scream vintage glam and adds to the whole room’s aesthetic. It can quickly become the centrepiece of your bedroom if the rest of your furniture is simple. We are sure your friend will appreciate the stylish piece for the revamp of their room and extra storage space.

What Could I Use the Dressing Table Stools’ Storage Space For?

The answer is pretty much anything! There’s no such thing as no relevant content for storage in dressing table stools. That’s why it is such a great piece of furniture to have in your decor. But if you need it narrowed down, here are some examples:

Clothes: It is handy to have your clothes close at hand in your bedroom when getting ready for the day. You could also use it for outgrown clothes to store until you have plenty to donate!

Files: Having paper piles all around your room not only ruins the atmosphere you are trying to curate, but it can be stressful to see them while you are trying to sleep or finding the right pile when they are needed. You can organise all of your files and put them in the storage area beneath your dressing table stool. Alternatively, not everyone has a registered office for working, perhaps you can buy a dressing table stool but use it as a perch for your home office desk, then your files are always on hand right beneath you!

Dressing Table Stools: babies at christmas

Baby Supplies: Are you a new mum? Or maybe you have been a mother for years and want to pamper yourself this Christmas with a fresh look in your room. We know that with a baby comes an overflow of baby supplies. You can put these supplies in the storage space, or you might decide to purchase a stool and use it in your living room, where your changing mat might be stored as well.

Girly Things: We’ve mentioned the potential for the extra storage space to be used for bags and shoes, and we weren’t joking! You might be aiming for minimalist decor, but your obsession with handbags and shoes prevents that. A dressing table stool with storage is the perfect place to keep them out of view in your curated space but still keep your favourites.

Dressing Table Stools: Christmas Gifts for Friends

Can I Get the Dressing Table Stools Before Christmas?

Our delivery service is speedy! We will try our best to dispatch your order within 1 working day and aim to get your beautiful piece of furniture to you within 2-5 working days (although smaller items may come in two days!)
We also have the option for you to make your purchase in instalments with Klarna (organising payments is simple to get the Christmas present you want without upsetting your credit broker).

What Dressing Table Stools Will Suit My Room?

We have a lovely range of dressing table stools that could suit any room!

The Mirrored Stool with Storage:
This is for your dressing table from our Holywood Range featuring a soft velvet pillow, which is a perfect choice for your vanity ensemble. You could also place it in your living room to hold the magazines in the trunk while you prop your feet up after a busy day. The luxurious velvet fabric will really bring a glamorous touch to your decor, no matter which room you place it in.

Mirrored Dressing Table Stools with storage

The Mirrored Trunk:
This is a beautifully crafted storage space that is just as useful as stylish! This mirrored trunk is another piece from our Hollywood range; this mirrored trunk is more than just additional storage space. It is a stunning decoration that can bring together all of your other pieces of furniture, the perfect finishing touch. The chest can be placed at the end of your bed, at the side of your sofa, or as a dressing table stool (perhaps to match your mirrored dressing table). It is perfect for storing blankets, duvet sets, or towels but can be used for anything.

Dressing Table Stool: Mirrored Trunk Blanket Storage Ottoman

The Mirrored Ottoman:
This ottoman comes with 6 drawers and is a sturdy and beautifully designed piece of furniture covered with a gorgeous velvet silver upholstery fabric. It can complement a dressing table from our Hollywood range. The diamanté handles, bevelled mirror panels, and antiqued silver finish noticeably add glamour to your room.

Dressing Table Stools: Mirrored Ottoman

The Charleston Mirrored Stool:
This stool from our Charleston range combines style with functionality with a long velvet upholstery cushion. The mirrors add shine to a room, making a space feel bigger. The furniture’s antique silver colour scheme will give you that vintage feels you’ve always wanted. A fantastic Christmas gift for you or a loved one!

Dressing Table Stools: Long Bench Velvet Cushion

The Mirrored Dressing Table Stool with Velvet Cushion:
Another Charleston piece of furniture for the vintage friend in your life (or maybe that’s you!). This mirrored vanity stool is beautifully designed to bring elegance into your home. The soft padded seat will ensure comfort while getting ready at your dressing table.

Dressing Table Stools: Mirrored Stool for Vanity Dressing Table

The Mirrored Bench:
This sturdy and spacious seating is covered with the plush velvet fabric of your vintage dreams. It features bevelled mirror panels, velvet upholstery and antique silver finish to add the elegance and style you deserve this Christmas!

To find out more about our dressing table stools, visit our collections for more details or contact us for any help you need this Christmas.

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