Crushed Diamond Furniture: This Fall’s Interior Design Trend

The shining beauty of crushed diamonds have found their way into interior design, with creators replicating the properties of them for people to put that crush sparkle in their homes. The reflective properties of crushed diamond furniture will add that bit of style and decadence every home needs, turning it into a work of art. Let’s take a look at crush diamond and why it is becoming this fall’s biggest interior design trend. You can also see some great ideas of how to integrate crushed diamond furniture into your home for some timeless allure for your guests to be jealous of!

Crushed Diamond Furniture Mirrored Tall Drawer Chest

What is Crushed Diamond Furniture?

Crushed diamond is also referred to as crushed glass diamond as well, or diamond crush. It has the appearance of shattered glass or ice and this is due to smaller facets at the bottom of the stone reflecting in all directions, giving that stylish crush sparkle.

We think everyone will agree with us when we say diamonds bring a high level of sophistication to a home. The crystal mirrored, clear, and glittering appearance of crushed diamond is stunning and perfect in modern design. Throughout time, creatives everywhere have been inspired by the glamour associated with diamonds. Artists have found symbolism in diamonds, discussing:

  • Eternity
  • Purity
  • Love
  • Strength
  • Romance

Just to be clear, diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but real diamonds are difficult to obtain for many people, especially for whole furniture pieces! That’s why in the present day, there are fantastic furniture ranges of crushed diamond replications, which have the same stunning shine and glitter when in your home.

Crushed Diamond in Home Decor

The emergence of crushed diamond in home decor has sparked people to purchase this glittering design trend when looking for furniture. The pandemic has been a challenging time for everyone and it has meant that we have been holed up in our homes for over a year now. People have been investing in making their home as comfortable as possible now they have spent so long within those walls. Seeking a safe haven from the crazy world, we can all say we want to relax in a peaceful environment that reflects our personality.

Let’s take a look at all of the popular interior design trends for this fall and however crush diamond could be integrated into it.

Crushed Diamond Furniture: Natural Materials

Natural Materials

Growing focus is zooming into products made of natural materials such as wood, stone, ceramics, and wool for the soft furnishings. The multi-sensory experience of natural materials can connect people back to humanity and away from more synthetic items. Having large items of wood and then pairing it with a beautiful crushed diamond furniture will reflect light onto the natural materials, casting a gleam to show off the simplicity of our natural world. This cohesiveness of natural and synthetic will balance out all of the home decor in a room, and create calming homogeneity away from the real world.

This might be a mirrored tri fold vanity mirror dressing table paired with heavy oak beds frames. You might want console tables with mirrors in the hallway, but a vintage wooden cheval mirror in the bedroom, you can mix and match as much as you want! (check out our blog post on how to blend contemporary and vintage interior design styles for more on this).

Handmade and Technology

There are many new technologies now for modern design that can achieve more than our hands ever could, but this doesn’t stop us loving handmade items. Technology makes for efficiency, yet hand making something creates an organic one of a kind creation that everyone can appreciate.

A crushed diamond coffee table could hold a handmade ceramic vase filled with fall flowers. Perhaps you could carry this further into the bedroom, with a stunning crushed diamond mirrored chest of drawers. You could pair this with a hand weaved rattan chair, or a carved wood mirror hanging above them as a functional wall decoration. There are many ways for you to hop on this trend, it’s all about experimentation and mixing the elegance of crushed diamond and glitter furniture with organic material, such as wood.

Crushed Diamond Furniture: Structured Simplicity

Structured Simplicity

This consists of a stripped back style to create a calm space to chill out, originating from Nordic style interior design. This doesn’t mean you can’t add the glam of a crushed diamond piece of furniture or maybe even mirrored bedroom furniture (or mirrored furniture in general!) By having your home surrounded by comforts, such as squishy sofas, doilies over chest of drawers, and throws over chairs, you can add that small element of glam of crushed diamond that can help distribute the little amount of natural light we get in the fall and winter through a room. Alternatively, you could have LED mirrors or floating crystal lights in a room to spread artificial light in the dark autumn and winter months.

Structured simplicity also involves some robust pieces of furniture that are purely functional and low maintenance such as a diamond mirrored side table. We can help you out there with our mirrored furniture collections (including our new Carnaby collection), which you can read more about in our other blog posts. This fall trend also has primarily warm colour schemes such as neutral light yellows, oatmeal, and beige. This might sound boring, but this would match the autumn season perfectly as well as providing you with calm comfort that will reflect off of the crushed diamond surfaces, should you choose to purchase them! Plus, you can always add pops of colour in your home accessories.

Crushed Diamond Furniture: Japandi Style

‘Japandi’ Style

Japandi is the hybrid trend that everybody is falling in love with this fall. This Japanese inspired interior design trend has been around before, but usually as a small element in decoration. Now it is back as the main feature! It mashes up the minimalist style of Japan as well as having some Scandinavian influence thrown in there. Uncluttered spaces are a must for this trend as well as sleek furniture, clean lines, and a subdued colour palette. We could suggest a cool white glass mirror TV stand or crushed diamond coffee table to start off with. Your crushed diamond element could be in the form of a beautiful crushed diamond mirror hanging on the wall. Wall mirrors are a great way of adding decoration, yet still being functional, so you might as well get a crystal mirrored one! If you don’t want a mirror, perhaps you can add art prints or a sparkle glitter mirror photo frame filled with family memories.

For this trend, you might like some big leafy plants to put nearby the suggested furniture pieces, to reflect the natural theme of both Japan and Scandinavia. Dark green plants could be an option for the fall season, but tall bamboo or tiny bonsai trees would be lovely. The plants can be put anywhere, whether it is by the TV stand, or next to a chest of drawers! If you aren’t a lover of plants (we have certainly perfected the art of accidentally killing plants!) you could always just pick out some artificial ones.

Soft Curves

Clean lines are nice and sleek, but have you considered curved furniture pieces? Curves could elevate your interior design game and bold designs could bring the luxury you crave in life. Whether you want subtle curves or voluptuous ones, it can bring softness to your home rather than stark clinical furniture that others prefer.

Curves offer a degree of individuality and the soft lines can create a more welcoming space. An example could be having a crushed diamond cylindrical table by the side of a subtly curved faux leather or crushed velvet sofa, providing a place for you to put your morning tea, coffee, or other beverage. Or, a curved TV stand could be next to a square functional chest of drawers.

Crushed Diamond Furniture Coffee Table

Crushed Diamond Furniture for This Fall

Did you like our suggested trends? They are all different, yet they can all incorporate crushed diamond furniture, providing sophistication in your home. Take a look at the furniture ranges including crush diamond we have on offer today!

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