5 Unique Interior Design Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Finding the perfect gift for Mother’s Day can be difficult. However, many creatives find inspiration in the home. If you know a creative mom, here are a few unique interior design gift ideas for Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

40% of buyers in the UK are looking to redesign their home this year. If you’re here, your mum is probably one of them. The most common one, and something that always works, is a Gift Card! We know, not very unique, so how about you spruce up your mum’s home with a simple interior design gift that has heartfelt value.

Interior Design Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For The Furniture Enthusiast

Whether your mum loves to decorate a cottage style home, a beach house or an elegant contemporary room, you may find gift inspiration below:

  1. Mirrored Ottoman with drawers – cottages tend to have small rooms, so mirrored furniture will optically enhance them. This ottoman is tasked to offer your mum, or anyone really, a cosy home living with maximum functionality thanks to 6 drawers and a lovely crushed velvet cushion.
  2. Pair of bedside tables – if mirror elements don’t go with your mum’s decor preferences, how about this stunning pair of embossed white small bedside tables. They will bring an aura of a boudoir feel to any bedroom.
  3. Shabby chic designer door – perhaps your mother is more into Art Decor design? It doesn’t get more unique than this free-standing door in a very effective distressed grey finish and 15 mirrored bevelled panels.
Unique Interior Design Gift Ideas for Mother's Day


Mother’s Day Gift Suggestions For The Interior Accessories Fan

Perhaps furniture shopping is not on your mind when thinking about Mother’s Day Gift, so here are some accessories, that you may prefer to buy instead. We’re sure they can make any mum happy.

  1. Wall Art Wrapped Canvas – Abstract and contemporary design lovers will enjoy our canvas selection with beautiful brush strokes. Whether you’re looking for a colourful or monochrome design, we have carefully selected abstract pieces that will put a smile on you’re mum’s face.
  2. Skeleton wall clocks – When looking for a great gift for your mum, a skeleton wall clock may be your choice. Metal wall clocks tend to work in any interior, whether they represent a contemporary or classic design. They are a perfect centrepiece ideal for a hall, building entrance, dining or living room.

The right gift can make your mum’s day and help inspire her to get creative with her interior design skills. Getting the right interior design gift will help her do just that. We hope our list inspired you to get your mum the perfect gift for Mother’s Day!

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