4 Tips on How to Decorate a Small Room

Arranging a small interior is always challenging. We want it to be as beautiful as possible and functional at the same time because of the limited space. To arrange such a room, you have to pay attention to furniture dimensions, room layout and colours. In this article, we will tell you how you can choose the best furniture to decorate a small room whether its mirrored furniture, wooden furniture, decoration elements or accessories.

how to decorate small room

The best furniture for a small room

The ideal furniture for a small room should first of all be functional, and even multifunctional! All chests of drawers, side tables or tv units should turn out to be useful.

When choosing a bed for a small bedroom, be sure not to neglect limited space and choose one with drawers for extra storage. Consider a folding table in the kitchen that takes up little space during the day and can be unfolded during the day.

Where to place furniture in a small living room?

The size of the furniture and its placement is essential when it comes to decorating a small room. A sofa, which is often the largest piece of furniture in a living room, should be placed by the wall. This will allow you to enlarge the room optically. The ideal solution would be a corner sofa – it offers sitting space, so you don’t have to clutter the interior with additional chairs. A folding sofa will turn into a comfortable bed to sleep in at night, and into a relaxation zone for you and your friends during the day. Choose the narrowest sofa possible – width is more important than length when it comes to saving space! Instead of a TV cabinet – hang the tv on the wall opposite the sofa.

Optical enlargement of a small room

Here are some tricks that will make any interior seem more open:

  • Mirrors – if you hung a mirror near a window, it will reflect natural light and make the room appear larger.
  • Mirrored furniture – similarly to mirrors, mirrored furniture will visually expand your interior. In a hallway, dining room or living room they will make an impression on your visitors, not to mention followers on Instagram should you choose to share your interiors design skills with your audience.
  • Separated areas – several small carpets can help you divide the room into several areas with different functions. Very convenient when arranging a studio apartment.
  • Side lighting – instead of a single light on your ceiling, place multiple sources of light in different places around the room. The interior will seem more spacious.
    No curtains – curtains optically shorten the interior. Choose minimalist roller blinds instead!
  • Shelves – this is an optimal solution if you have a lot of books or accessories. The use of hanging shelves will allow you to make more space on the floor.
  • Use of colours – In a compact space, the best colour for your walls will be white. If you want to be bolder, don’t paint the whole room, but one of the walls – preferably the one facing the window. Maybe a light grey or some neutral, pastel colour will work? It will play perfectly with mirrors!

Using the right materials

Mirrors are not the only materials that can prove useful in tiny places. Think metal, think glass! In other words – surfaces that reflect and refract light can visually enlarge the space. As for textiles – choose light and airy materials, which will not overwhelm the interior. Beware of matte – they will absorb light and make the room look smaller.

Experiment with textures – different materials and patterns are a subtle way to decorate your room. Choose light accessories – delicate lampshades and white ceramic vases with fresh flowers will create a unique atmosphere in your room. Don’t forget to add tiny frames with your favourite photos, some brightly coloured pillows on the sofa and relaxing candles.

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